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An era in which your wealth will continue to decline if nothing is done.

Protect yourself with knowledge and act!


THE GOLD ONLINE aims to be a "comprehensive information site for "protecting," " increasing, "and" preserving "your property, and is operated by targeting corporate owners and upper-class people as the main readers.


Whether we like it or not, our "assets" are exposed to risk due to the domestic and international economic environment, market trends, taxation systems, and other systems and mechanisms surrounding us (needless to say, those with only bank deposits are also at risk). We cannot protect "property" unless we arm ourselves intellectually and take concrete actions and measures. It is in these times that "information for action" is in demand.


THE GOLD ONLINE is thoroughly committed to "concrete measures and solutions for action, not critiques", and the writing team is also focusing on "practitioners" in Japan and overseas. About 20 pieces of content are published daily.


The genres covered include "inheritance and business succession," "real estate," "overseas utilization," "asset management," "tax," and "life insurance," which are of great interest to corporate owners and upper-class readers. Since the site focuses on the significant theme of "property", it aims to have the "credibility" of a book media, even though it is a web media, and will be operated in principle with original content first published on the website, clearly indicating the author's names, affiliations, titles and so on.


In the world of corporate owners and upper-class, there is a lot of information being monopolized within a limited inner circle, or knowledge and know-how that is commonplace to some "information powerhouses" but unknown to most people. THE GOLD ONLINE aims to shine a light on each and every one of them and convey them to those who need them.



THE GOLD ONLINE Editorial Staff



THE GOLD ONLINE Editorial Staff


Editor in Chief

Masaki Tachimoto


Deputy Editor in Chief and Executive Editor

Kenji Nagata


Deputy Editor

Yoriko Suzuki



Takahito Watanabe

Hideaki Nakata

Akihito Kondo

Yuya Okuda

Nao Suto

Kotoko Suzuki

Natsumi Fukunaga

Nene Hasegawa



Sawa Kojima



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